"Due to Server maintenance on July 4th and 5th 2015, Lock period will be open on all the 1st point sales invoices of 29th and 30th June 2015 upto 6th and 7th July "
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mFMS Unavailability 2nd July 2015  
  Published by: rohit on 02/07/2015  
Confirmation of On-Account Quantity  
  Published by: rohit on 19/06/2015  
mFMS Unavailability  
  Published by: rohit on 12/06/2015  
Updation of dealer profile  
  Published by: rohit on 27/05/2015  
Confirmation of On-Account(JUN 2014 to DEC 2014)  
  Published by: rohit on 25/05/2015  


  No. of Companies                     : 116

No. of Wholesalers                    : 16577

No. of Retailers                        : 157274

No. of Invoices in 2014-2015       : 38 lakhs

Fertilizer Sold in 2014-2015         : 5.4 Crore MT

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Fertilizer Sold to Retailer:(2014-2015)
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Number of Txn Locking
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